4th February 2016














4th February 2016


What up yo!? And also, a very Happy New Year to you all! I trust you all had a good one! I know you did if you partied with us at the On The Bus NYE party! Cheers to Peter Finch of the cheeky video:







Right, seeing as November was the last time I wrote a newsletter there's an obscene amount of awesome pieces of news to tell you (especially if you've not been able to keep up to date on Facebook).


Awesome thing number one… we're doing a mini tour of Australia!!! …next month!!!! We've had a last minute couple of bookings for two festivals (The Town and Maitretya Festivals), so we're going out there for a month to do some rocking out, as well as a bit of chilling out! If anyone has event organiser/ promoter friends or contacts in Australia feel free to let us know as we're trying to gig as much as we can while we're there! Cheers!




Awesome thing number two… we're gonna be on TV! I managed to get myself an interview on a music programme entitled "Wall Of Sound" which airs on various channels in over 40 countries. The interview's accompanied by some awesome footage we've collected over the coarse of 2015. Here's an internet copy of the segment, enjoy!







Aaaand here's the 2015 live highlights video uninterrupted by voiceover or interview. Edited by Nick Hayman, Filmed by Chris Rey, Matt Winyard, Josh Horwood, Emil Walker, Oliver Pooley and Lukasz Mrozowski.







If you haven't already seen on Facebook, we've just announce the second of the featured artists we're working with for the Flatcap album. To say I'm stoked to be collaborating with these dudes is a ridiculous understatement. They've continuously gained momentum since they first appeared on the scene, their releases just seem to get better and better, and their gigs just seem to get bigger and bigger! So… without further ado… I'm incredibly happy to announce that the second featured artist for the Captain Flatcap album is… TOO MANY T'S!!!





If you missed the first collab anouncement you'll be happy to hear who it is… This guy is a real connoisseur of Glitch Hop, and an absolute bad man both in the studio and behind the decks. I seriously can't wait for you lot to hear what we've been up to in the studio together. Ladies and Gentlemen… William Breakspear! 






Right, whist you're gradually driven insane waiting for the release our our album why not cheer your ears up with this little number! A cheeky drum n bass remix of 'Say What You Want' by Jenova Collective.







We've also just given away another new remix as a little christmas present to you guys! It's a remix of 'Jekyll & Hyde' by the very awesome 'Will & The People'. They're one of our favourite bands, so we're super happy to have been able to remix this track for them. If you've not heard of them before then check 'em out, super good vibes!






Aaaaand I decided to make this little mashup a free download in celebration of the glorious new JFB remix of 'Deep Henderson' by Nick Hollywood. This is the original mashed together with a classic; 'Can I Kick It?', A Tribe Called Quest. Enjoy!







As well as our gigs in Australia we've got these couple of England dates coming up:



Bristol, February 12th, CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS



Plymouth, March 31st, CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS




And that's about it! As always you can keep up to date with my latest radio show via the following link:






Thanks for reading guys, make sure you keep your eyes and ear peeled for further album updates on our Facebook page. I'll leave you with a few more photos from our gig at the On The Bus NYE party. Big up yourselves if you came down to see us, if you didn't… big up yourself anyway, I hope you had a wicked night whatever you did! Until next time guys, keep swinging', adios!



Peace, love and good tunes

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