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23rd October 2014

Word up homies! How's life treating all of you? Thought It was about time I updated you all about what's been going on! Tom's back at uni in Huddersfield now meaning we're unlikely to do any live gigs until nearer Christmas time. However, this does mean I've been DJing a lot more at the moment. Generally I'm playing at a pub or club around the Guildford area most Friday and Saturday nights at the moment. Keep up to date with where and when I'm playing by following us on Facebook, where I post about where and when I'm DJing on a weekly basis.


Right, I've got lots of bits n' bobs that are sure to heal you of your post-summer blues! Should hopefully entertain you a bit too!




First off… it's only a bloomin' brand new FREE REMIX!














I really love the Pink Turtle cover of Bob Marley's 'Get Up, Stand Up,' so I decided to do this remix to spice it up a bit! There's ask a bit of 'Time To Build' by 'The Herbaliser' in there too, just for good measure! If you dig it, please be so kind as to share it around or leave us some feedback in the comments on Soundcloud. Cheers!


The remix was featured on this month's 'NuFunk RoundUp' over at FreeBreaksBlog.com. Check out the article HERE.


My mash-up of Caravan Palace & Atomic Drop (free over on our Soundcloud), was also featured on FreeBreaksBlog.com under last month's instalment of 'The Electro Swing Roundup'.














Unfortunaty Soundcloud is clamping down on unofficial remixes/ bootlegs etc, so my latest mash-up 'Parov Stelar Vs Skrillex & Kaskade' has been taken down from our page, however you can still check it out here:
















We've got a new, official remix coming out next month! It's a remix of Dutty Moonshine's classic Electro swing track 'Takin It Back'. Our remix is being released along side the re-mastered original and two other remixes from Jamie Berry and Francis Red! Here's the preview!

















We had an awesome time at Illusive Festival this year, not just because it was awesome in general, but because it was our first ever performance with our new drummer Matt Woods! Here's a little highlights video of the festival showing what fun we had! Apologies for the rubbish sound.




















Jack The Cad was nice enough to include one of my DJ mixes in his latest blog entry '10 Soundcloud Mixes You Should Download RIGHT NOW!' Some absolutely banging' mixes in there, and a read read as always, well worth checking out! My mix was more of a collection of silly mash-ups I'd done, it includes C@ in the H@ Vs. The Muppets, and The McMash Clan Vs. The Macarena! Check it out!














I've done a bit of organising over on our Soundcloud page, you can now find our uploads categorised into 'Free Tracks,' 'Releases & Previews' and 'Mixes & Mashups'
















Our remix competition has just come to an end. We'll be announcing the winner in the next couple of weeks via Kane FM and Facebook! The winning remix is going to be featured on our 'Bonklet REMIXED' EP along side remixes from Father Funk, Jenova Collective, and Cut La Roc!
















That about does it for this month guys n gals! I'll leave you with some lovely pictures of our gig at Illusive Festival. Roll on next year!


Cheers guys, thanks for reading! 


Peace, love and good tunes,

Captain Flatcap

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General email: captain.flatcap@gmail.com

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